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The popularity of smart sweepers is accelerating

Issuing time:2017-03-24 00:00

As the Spring Festival approaches, manufacturers begin their year-end sales promotion. Take the hot online smart sweeper for example, product promotion efforts, more netizens choose and buy. The author found in taobao, suning tesco and other platforms, many smart sweeper price less than 3000 yuan, some brand new products less than 2000 yuan, the price of 1000 yuan sweeper also many. With the gradual maturity of the technology, the price of the sweeper can be adjusted, and the product popularization speed is accelerated.

Mature technology smart sweeper low price

From the very beginning of the broom, vacuum cleaner, to the present intelligent floor sweeper robot, human use of wisdom to create various miracles. Seemingly simple, the smart sweeper reflects that the progress of science and technology not only brings convenience to consumers, but also changes people's living habits. Compared with the traditional cleaning method, the biggest advantage of intelligent sweeping robot is to free the hands of housewives. Even if no one is at home, the intelligent sweeping robot can clean automatically according to the appointed time and sweeping mode of the owner. Since the launch of the product has been concerned by users, but affected by the price, the speed of product popularity is not obvious.

The popularity of smart sweepers is accelerating

As emerging home appliances, smart sweeper opened in the early years when the price is not cheap, the product is more than tens of thousands of yuan, less than thousands of yuan. With the increasing number of enterprises joining the smart sweeper camp, the research and development technology of sweeper can also be upgraded and optimized, and the product price starts to decrease. Up to 2016, the industry of smart sweeper has changed significantly, with products increasing and decreasing in appearance, technology, function and price. Sweeper becomes smarter, more beautiful, function also rises gradually, price is left and right sides in 2000 yuan, the product with high cost performance becomes market mainstream.

The main function of smart sweeper is to sweep the floor. It is not as smart as people think, and it is like a machine for more time. However, its intellectualization is gradually improved with the efforts of manufacturers. The sweeper can automatically return to charge, buffer and avoid obstacles, and prevent falling by induction. The sweeper mode also increases gradually.

Can smart sweeping machines replace traditional sweeping methods?

At present, the pressure of people's lives is more and more big, the limited spare time gradually reduce, so most of the time, we can in the subway, bus, and even the pavement on the road to see everybody take a tablet or a mobile phone to loosen body and mind, for electronic products is depend on which led to the modern people for the demand of digital technology products is also more and more big, but can't deny is electronic product is really changed our lives. At present, smart sweepers cannot replace traditional sweeping methods.

At present, intelligent sweeper robot still has some shortcomings. For example, the design of circle makes the dust in the corner of 90° leave out. Due to limited power, suction than traditional vacuum cleaners and so on. However, the robot is gradually becoming more and more intelligent, which can automatically return to charging, buffer and avoid obstacles, sense and prevent falling, and interact with smart phones. Price has also widened the ranks of sweepers.

In the face of the market many sweeping machine brand, how to choose and buy suitable for their products? Consistent with shopping principle, users in the purchase of smart sweeper, as far as possible to choose and buy large brand, functional and practical, after-sales guaranteed products. Nowadays, the main brands of sweepers on the market include covose, posanick, irobot and puppy. Their product function is same little different, have difference however in respect of a few little detail however, each has his own merits, everybody can undertake choosing according to domestic environment need.

Intelligent of the robot will save people from tedious housework, let's valuable time can be used in more meaningful things, it is like a dose of spices in our family life, let originally repeating tedious cleaning work full of vitality and fun, imagine if you don't have to worry about cleaning the room and I come home from work every day, see home floor clean as new, such a life is more comfortable?

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