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Winter USES electricity tension to encounter voltage to be not steady when air conditioning do?

Issuing time:2017-03-24 00:00

In the winter peak season, voltage instability may occur under certain circumstances, at this time, is to see whether the electrical appliances in the home can withstand. If in the use of voltage instability, electrical appliances can not withstand this voltage change, there is likely to be a short circuit or fault. Take air conditioning for example, if the voltage is not stable, how to do?

Then, if the use of air conditioning and voltage instability, how do we deal with?

It is difficult to start the compressor motor.

When the main control switch turns to the refrigerating gear, pay attention to whether the compressor has been started and entered the running state. If the start can not, should immediately shut down, start again still can not start, should suspend refrigeration, until the voltage rise after the start to use. Never in the main control switch to refrigerating gear, people will leave without permission, because despite the compressor overload protector for a long time through, cut off, in case it is connected to ignite the knot, large current through the compressor motor wiring may cause it to burn down.

How does air conditioning encounter low voltage make "disaster" become "solution"?

At the moment when the air conditioner is started, the starting current is too large, so that the pointer of the ammeter can be immediately hit to the bottom, and then return to the normal working current value of the air conditioner (please refer to the product manual). For example, the normal working current of the air conditioner with refrigerating capacity of 3480W (3000kcal/h) is 7.5a. If at the moment of starting, the pointer of the ammeter reaches the bottom and then the pointer points back to 1A, it means that the compressor is not working, while the current value of 1A only means that the wind motor is working. At this point the main control switch to cut off the compressor circuit.

Second, the compressor operation is not stable. Grid voltage fluctuation, will make the compressor operation very abnormal, sometimes automatically stop. In this case, the user should use the main control switch to cut off the compressor circuit to prevent burning down the compressor motor wiring.

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